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Haru | 陽 By _awkwardraven Completed

Gon Freecss is stuck in bed when Killua returns from a visit with his sister, Alluka and while taking care of  him, he gets more than he bargained for.

[ Killugon. Written from Gon's point of view. ]

•Started August 2016-Finished September 2016•

-Shinigami -Shinigami Sep 04
The writing is so gorgeous how do you do it?!
                              You're a magican like Hisoka
Heh, you know Killua be lifting them yo-yo's and opening them doors.
Don't talk to inanimate objects. It hurts to know that they won't respond; they leave you hanging. I had a conversation with a lamp once, but I asked it how it's day was and it didn't answer. Talk about R UT DE.