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Aki° 安芸 By cafeakira Completed

Gon Freecss is stuck in bed when Killua returns from a visit with his sister, Alluka and while taking care of  him, he gets more than he bargained for.

[ Killugon. Written from Gon's point of view. ]

Completed 9.26.16

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marichatfilms1 marichatfilms1 Jun 23, 2017
Gives Oscar to gon' because he still tricked all of us into believing that he was going to trick killua
kelpie247 kelpie247 Jul 19, 2017
I can't count how many times author-chan wrote 'would' other than this one word it's a good story
Ezzy_Peezy Ezzy_Peezy Oct 30, 2017
Gon: *coughs*
                              THAT MY GOOD SIR, DESERVES AN OSCAR
                              Gon: All I Did was Cou-
                              GIVE THIS MAN ANOTHER OSCAR
                              Gon: But I-
                              ANOTHER ONE!
user96211748 user96211748 Oct 18, 2017
"Training my Hatsu" that sounds like it could have a double meaning🤔🤔🤔
Ezzy_Peezy Ezzy_Peezy Oct 30, 2017
You could have been master bating......
                              Forget I said that. This comment is invisible, it never existed
CaptainBloodyRose CaptainBloodyRose Aug 30, 2017
I just imagine Killua saying that in a really strong english accent