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covers 2.0 → CLOSED

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// CLOSED //

come check out my covers, they're pretty lit (;

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xXMacobXx xXMacobXx Nov 29, 2016
Title: The one and only, bully 
                              Author: XxMacobxX
                              Cover: Jacob Sartorius 
                              I need it like the other two covers you made me please. Thank you😊
jessilxox jessilxox Nov 29, 2016
Title:Fangirl Problems 
                              Author: Kellieandjess (my collab account)
                              Cover :I'm not bothered 
                              Font:snowinter if possible 
                              Plot :the title  explains it
Elaina_Garza Elaina_Garza Dec 13, 2016
Can you make one for me?
                              Title: My Fangirling Problems
                              There isn't really a plot, it's just a rant book.
                              Name: @Elaina_Garza
                              Can you add in 2 people if you can? Kenneth San Jose and Sean Lew? If not, it's okay. Thank you.
bxbygxrly bxbygxrly Dec 17, 2016
I have a couple books |yes, sir | hidden| my life | 
                              my best friends sister | snapchat | suicide messages 
                              Cover simple but artsy black and white pics of Cindy Kimberly with my name in the cover so yea also username xxxloverrrxxx
Wes10Sartorius Wes10Sartorius Nov 17, 2016
Title: You left me
                              Author: (username) 
                              Plot: eh i don't know
                              Cover: An airplane or someone hugging.
                              Font: I really don't care cause you make the best covers. Thanks Zoe!💟🦄
itsnaomiibiches itsnaomiibiches Dec 05, 2016
Title:His Alpha 
                              Plot: sean finds out about the supernatural world and finds out he has a mate
                              Cover:something having to do with a wolf 
                              Thanks and that is all