overprotective guy || jeon jungkook

overprotective guy || jeon jungkook

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" well that's what you get from dating an overprotective guy , im just protecting you "

The new transferee, Lee Areum (You), accidentaly bumped into Jungkook on her first day of school. Ever since then, Jungkook has been a jerk to her. Time passed by and Jungkook has been changed, from a jerk to a sweet boy. He wasn't a bad boy but he isn't a good boy either. That's just how he shows his affection to another person.

[The plot is common so dont accuse me for copying someone else's story.]

[Dont read this if you dont like common plots, or if you're just going to comment mean stuff.]

[Written by a fetus version of me so dont expect too much this book, i regret writing]

Wait so Jungkook calls v jagiya? Is that right? If that's right VKOOK BRO
bts_jiminx bts_jiminx Apr 09
Lol it says IN the butt instead of on - her dad already seems like a perv though lol
-myhearteu -myhearteu Aug 24
I ship Areum (or me) with Taebae (I will forever call him that)!!!!
Omo! Jungkook! You know how to make a girls heart beat so fast!>o<
Okay? That was confusing at first ..... But I will get use to it!😊