Perthena  (Re-write)

Perthena (Re-write)

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What does the future hold? 
  Do you see yourself exactly as you are know? Now imagine what if Percy was betrayed. Then dragged down into Tartarus where he was tortured and forced to train. The bitter sweetness of fate temps him. They give him Hope. And then it's crushed in nothing more than a few day. 
   In one day He found out that Annabeth the girl he was so helplessly in love with didn't love him back. Not even an ounce of love ever existed from her. She was caught cheating on him... what made everything even worse was the guy she was with. The guy he considered a best friend...Even as close as a brother from a different mother.
  Now he falls for the most unlikely goddess. The woman who brought to life the girl he loved first. The mother of Annabeth chase.  He returned to earth Thanks to an unknown person. Is turned into a god. And a Olympian. He is given many domains.  Now a new journey begins for our great Hero.  
  One that will start the moment he looks into her eyes and says. "I love you Athena."

More Cliches! I need to start a list of the cliches in these.
NightperilFox121 NightperilFox121 Nov 29, 2016
I severely doubt it's a friend. It could a minor/major gods from one of the pantheons
NightperilFox121 NightperilFox121 Nov 30, 2016
An assassin? (actually I kinda expect that when I read the betrayal part)
SpartanJohn-117 SpartanJohn-117 Sep 03, 2016
Love how long the chapters are, now they don't take less than a minute to read unlike some stories
NightperilFox121 NightperilFox121 Nov 30, 2016
Only the mortals that LOOK at a gods true form will be disentigrated
Squeeker8 Squeeker8 Nov 30, 2016
A " dam " good reason 
                              ƪ(•̃͡ε•̃͡)∫   life goals