[Deidara x Reader x Tobi] Senpai and Kouhai [drabbles]

[Deidara x Reader x Tobi] Senpai and Kouhai [drabbles]

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"So [name], since you are in the explosion division, meet your senior and junior, Deidara and Tobi." Pein explained, introducing a blonde man and a pumpkin faced taller man.

"So this is [name]? Un." Deidara spoke, walking up to you with a watchful glance; his single azure eye running up and down your smaller form.
"She looks cute~!" Tobi gushed, poking a finger at your nose.

You blinked and sort of blushed, but otherwise, maintained a straight face.

"Um, hello. Nice to meet you, Deidara-senpai, and Tobi-kun." You greeted respectfully, and bowing.

Deidara smiled and nodded, while Tobi was so occupied at giggling your cuteness that he glomped you and rubbed his cheek against yours in a fangirling manner.

"Ugh, Tobi! Get your face away from [name]-chan! Un." Deidara shouted, grabbing said person by the collar, nearly choking him.

"Ah! But, Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi said, frantically waving his hands in the air.

You sweat-dropped and chuckled at their comedic acts. Maybe they can be...

A senpai's junior is called a kouhai (I think that's how it's spelled)
Its kinda sad cause one crushed by rocks and two he was called scum and degraded by kakashi
Please tell me that I wasn't the on,y one who thought this chapter would turn into something else because of the title, "Bedroom"? (Please don't be only me, please don't be only me, please don't be only me, please don't be only me...)
- - Aug 09, 2015
TheTragicAngel TheTragicAngel Mar 13, 2015
if tobi did that to me I would do it back and hug him and stay like that for the rest of my life cause I love tobi he is so cute
RinaForeverz RinaForeverz Mar 18, 2014
LOL I would have TOTALLY hugged Tobi back and then slipped off his mask and be like HA!