Book 3: ♛ Bill's return ✄ : Desiring his favorite piece on his wheel

Book 3: ♛ Bill's return ✄ : Desiring his favorite piece on his wheel

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☾ ★ Book Three ☾ ★ : After Bill wanders around in Dipper's mindscape toying around with him, making him think he had lived a life with him, Dipper foolishly agrees to any deal Bill asks, thinking he's a good guy now because he formed a  bond with him in many ways. After Dipper wakes up, he realizes he's made a huge mistake. He then tells Ford that Bill had visited him in his dream. Ford scrambles to figure out how to finish the weapon he works on after he "erased" Bill, actually revealing that Bill could never be fully eliminated but he can for long periods of time. After a short while, Bill comes back to the shack seeking his revenge but also to pick up a package which is now rightfully his and is very excited to open it up and try out.

🎱 Please read the previous book if you haven't read this one! It will make more sense. Trust me!

Disclaimer: Gravity Falls does not belong to me. The creator of the show is Alex Hirsh and the show Gravity Falls is owned by Disney XD. This is a fan-made story between the character Bill Cipher and Dipper Pines.

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DaWereKitten12 DaWereKitten12 Aug 24, 2016
Crying because I'm depressed too... I feel your pain dipper!!! >~< I know how you feel!!!
w46x___ w46x___ Oct 02, 2016
Why did I imagined that run vine ? Ugh my imagination is broken
X_Chibitalia_x X_Chibitalia_x Oct 14, 2016
Oh, Mabel......things that you wouldn't ever want to know......*smirks*
Samiisthelamby Samiisthelamby Nov 28, 2016
It's okay, I like Bill in his demon form sometimes. It shows that he isn't human and is actually a demon bent on destroying the world and torturing all of its inhabitants.
DaWereKitten12 DaWereKitten12 Aug 24, 2016
Pity huh... I feel pity for you to... But I don't feel pity for me because I'm absolutely guilty for everything I've ever done... I don't deserve life...
Billdip_GaryxTimmy18 Billdip_GaryxTimmy18 Aug 26, 2016
Excuse me for a second 😮😮😮...but what are the prevoius book 1 and 2 of this...i just wanted to know the title (please)