My Twin Teachers

My Twin Teachers

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"I-I'm sorry I'm late." I stutter looking at the intimidating man in front of me. His eyes widened before they soften when he looks at me.  

"It's alright just don't let it happen again." He say sternly. I blush nodding. All through the lesson he would sneak glances at me. Was there something on my face? 

I sighed in relief as the bell rang for my next class. Being in the same room as him was just to much. 

I open the door late...again. 

All eyes turn to me including the teachers and my eyes widened. I look back to the classroom I was in moments before and see the teacher there teaching. I look back to this teacher and he sends me a charming smile making me weak at the knees. 

I look back to the other classroom and then this one and my eyes widened in realization. 

There's two of them?! 

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pinruT pinruT Nov 22
Well, because if you can't draw.. You use colouring books (No, I did not write "colour" wrong. I'm Canadian.) It just has something drawn for you that you can sample colouring. It's actually a great way to practice shading o.o
I can just hear the high pitch 'OMG' sound when she said theres two of them😂😂😂
That so cute. Unexpected and probably giving me way to High expectations for real life. But cute
pawpaws pawpaws Nov 19
Oh God. You can tell there is something up with the poor girl. You get colouring books for adults to help calm anger, anxiety or depression. It's a natural soothing activity to do for adults suffering. I believe even therapists recommend them for people with hot tempers.
Kick him ... Like *smack* BITCH DON'T TOUCH ME 😐 I don't like teachers .. Well my teachers
XxitsizzyxX XxitsizzyxX Dec 02
Well i wish  I could go to Canada but my moms like "we don't have family there" like does it look like I give a f-ck