My Twin Teachers

My Twin Teachers

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"I-I'm sorry I'm late." I stutter looking at the intimidating man in front of me. His eyes widened before they soften when he looks at me.  

"It's alright just don't let it happen again." He say sternly. I blush nodding. All through the lesson he would sneak glances at me. Was there something on my face? 

I sighed in relief as the bell rang for my next class. Being in the same room as him was just to much. 

I open the door late...again. 

All eyes turn to me including the teachers and my eyes widened. I look back to the classroom I was in moments before and see the teacher there teaching. I look back to this teacher and he sends me a charming smile making me weak at the knees. 

I look back to the other classroom and then this one and my eyes widened in realization. 

There's two of them?! 

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Sequel: My Twin Saviors 

Spinoff: My Twin Brother (story just for Greyson and Kaiden)

Wait is this one of those stories where she dates twins at the same time? Does she just date one? Or neither?
                              I don't mind either way but I wanna know what to expect.
jolie_w_101 jolie_w_101 5 days ago
Why the heck are you coloring in a coloring book for one and then 2 there is no reason to cry
YasOhMy YasOhMy Aug 08
I'm like this every day at uni. It doesn't matter if my schedule is easy to remember and doesn't change for 5 months, it doesn't matter that I've been going to the same uni for two years. I'm lost everyday.
Poisoned_Candy94 Poisoned_Candy94 3 days ago
                              Reading: *teacher touches you* 
                              I'm fan girdling right now
                              Reality: *teacher touches you*
                              Cringe, pull away,  or report teacher
Gurl you be liven under a rock or something? We have advanced technology called couloring in pencils now
-bnanib- -bnanib- Jun 06
Interesting and I'm slowly getting interested in BDSM stories so this is new for me