My Twin Teachers

My Twin Teachers

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"I-I'm sorry I'm late." I stutter looking at the intimidating man in front of me. His eyes widened before they soften when he looks at me.  

"It's alright just don't let it happen again." He say sternly. I blush nodding. All through the lesson he would sneak glances at me. Was there something on my face? 

I sighed in relief as the bell rang for my next class. Being in the same room as him was just to much. 

I open the door late...again. 

All eyes turn to me including the teachers and my eyes widened. I look back to the classroom I was in moments before and see the teacher there teaching. I look back to this teacher and he sends me a charming smile making me weak at the knees. 

I look back to the other classroom and then this one and my eyes widened in realization. 

There's two of them?! 

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Blu_Batman Blu_Batman a day ago
I got these super detailed coloring books and they are just wild. I color in the with colors pencils all the time.
Why is everyone hating on her coloring? I'd join her, idc how old I am. Sometimes you just want to color.
Eh! Welcome! I promise the polar bears don't bite and the moose only charge if you look them in the eye!
dancetillyoudrop03 dancetillyoudrop03 Aug 19, 2016
I can just hear the high pitch 'OMG' sound when she said theres two of them😂😂😂
By_My_Hand By_My_Hand Jan 05
All that went down and the only thing he cares about is an unfinished bow.... I really wish someone did that to mi...
_Nena17 _Nena17 Jan 15
This seems ddlg.... I don't mind though 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾