Broken      (18+)

Broken (18+)

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He was the most beautiful and enthralling man she had ever met, seductive and powerful. She was like a moth to a flame; unable to escape whatever he planned for her.    

(Please don't read if you are under 18.)                                                            

It should have been different but it wasn't. It was the same old story of pleasure and pain that had been interlaced for so many years, but finally she got away.  She had managed to stay undetected for three years when they accidentally bumped into each other again. The fear of history repeating itself was screaming in her face; run, flee!  But she was frozen to the spot.  

Could she trust the man that had betrayed her in the most vulnerable ways? It should have all worked out, but it hadn't, could it ever? Will she be able to get away from this degrading life this time?  

(MATURE CONTENT!)   The cover is built on a photo that is owned by LonelyPierot on DiviantArt

If you care to read both Broken and Stronger, I strongly suggest you start with this one. This is the first one in this serie of three.

  • bdsm
  • bondage
  • dominance
  • erotic
  • eroticromance
  • friendship
  • love
  • submissive
omegakai18 omegakai18 Dec 17, 2017
Although they're shutting down our BDSM club, still got the munches though
fanalisha--fire fanalisha--fire Feb 26, 2016
Whatever their history I'm proud of her for standing up to him.
MrEthansFToy MrEthansFToy Feb 24, 2016
OhmyGod! This mag just screams sunshine and butterflies! How could you ever be scary?!
Hayakamel_ Hayakamel_ Aug 14, 2015
just like a moth drawn to a flame oh you lured me in I couldn't sense the pain
GumdropsAndRoses GumdropsAndRoses Jul 25, 2015
Yes England, I've yet to see a story set in South Yorkshire like Sheffield or Rotherham
annmariashirley annmariashirley Feb 22, 2015
it took a long time to let my guard the beginning I had anxiety attacks when he touched me but slowly I let go and have him that trust. he is truly amazing. he helped me enjoy sex once again.