You're The Only One I'll Fight For {Natsu x reader}

You're The Only One I'll Fight For {Natsu x reader}

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Ashton By septic6sam Updated Dec 14, 2016

You are a blood god dragon slayer. You never liked your powers as a child but got used to them as you grew up. One day you thought you should join a guild. You arrive in the town of Magnolia with your exceed Neo. You both soon find Fairytail and join! But you couldn't help but a notice a current pinked hair dragon slayer, you both started to become good friends. But what happens when you start to have feelings for him?

Will you confess?

Will someone beat you to him?

Will you lock them away?

RinTheKoala RinTheKoala 2 days ago
Hmm this sounds oddly familiar
                              Do you watch the flash
KasMichaelis KasMichaelis Nov 26, 2016
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                              -Mr.President 2017 Donald J Trump
Fandom_TrashGirl Fandom_TrashGirl Dec 15, 2016
                              GOTTA GO FAST
                              SUPER SAANIC RACIIIING
Kittykatty2006 Kittykatty2006 Oct 20, 2016
Then she poked it and died because she learned it was a long, enormous PENIS
FoxGamer9 FoxGamer9 Jan 12
I read two girls fighting. I wad like genderswap. I read it again and I was like I'm so dumb