You're The Only One I'll Fight For {Natsu x reader}

You're The Only One I'll Fight For {Natsu x reader}

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Ashton By septic6sam Updated Oct 15

You are a blood god dragon slayer. You never liked your powers as a child but got used to them as you grew up. One day you thought you should join a guild. You arrive in the town of Magnolia with your exceed Neo. You both soon find Fairytail and join! But you couldn't help but a notice a current pinked hair dragon slayer, you both started to become good friends. But what happens when you start to have feelings for him?

Will you confess?

Will someone beat you to him?

Will you lock them away?

Gotta go fast da da da, gotta go fast da da da, gotta go faster faster faster faster
My friend: erza's not even real but she scares me
                              Me: aren't you scared of me 
                              friend:  i'm way more scared of you than erza
Sorry I can't handle it.... Gray is so cuuute! I know this is nastu X reader but I love them both!
Okay NO. I would of snuck up behind her and hissed in her ear XD (that would've been awesome X3)
Then she poked it and died because she learned it was a long, enormous PENIS