Accidentally On Purpose ♡ l.f + m.h

Accidentally On Purpose ♡ l.f + m.h

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||•• A Lucaya Love Story ••||

"It's not about what I want Huckleberry. The only thing that matters is Riley's happiness." 

Maya and Lucas hate each other and fight constantly more than anything. They are so different, like fire and water. But that one special thing, or one special person, that keeps them at bay; Riley. When Riley requests that they spend time together so that they might get along better, their fire and water becomes steam - hot and unbearable, yet weightlifting and soothing. But as expected, they can't control it and fall in love; Accidentally On Purpose. 

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*snorts* riley, hun, hate to break it to you but these two seem to lack a little in the category called "rational and civilised"
You belong with me by Taylor swift😍😍 I know every word
vajslitt vajslitt Nov 29, 2016
Wtf 'Friendship Points'?! Ain't nobody got time for 'Friendship Point's' and JUST KISS HER ALREADY
mayavillian mayavillian Sep 24, 2016
I've been getting super into these "text message" type stories!! I'm also writing one right now (shhh 😉) Can't wait to see where this goes!!
Everest_Creed Everest_Creed Oct 12, 2016
I love the song, but I never found out what she did on purpose
thatrandomgirly thatrandomgirly Sep 08, 2016