Shipping Opinions

Shipping Opinions

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✿ Lisi ✿ By twerpish Updated Oct 15

Read the title.

I'm a basic bitch doing basic shit. This is a book where people request ships and I state my opinions on them. Riveting, right? Well guess what, sometimes I just review ships on my own will because nodoby likes me enough to request a ship.

Welcome to hell ❤

get ready
                              and do dorkypowershipping (calem x clemont)
                              and adorkablerivalshipping (hau x shauna)
People have been speculating that she might, but im not buying it.
@twerpish The fanfics are so creepy. I want to bleach my eyes after reading only 1 tbh
tbh i don't even care about who's traveling with ash anymore...the only ones i ever liked were dawn, iris and serena
                              may and misty were ok tbh
No, the first Ash ship was PalletShipping. He met Gary first.