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Bittersweet Restricted

Bittersweet Restricted

92.2K Reads 2K Votes 6 Part Story
Austen Richelle Snow By AustenSnowWrites Updated 2 days ago

Mature chapters from Bittersweet not suitable for those under 18 (according to Wattpad).

AnastasiaSmith69 AnastasiaSmith69 Oct 24, 2016
You're the best writer I've come across, (no offense to the other writers I love) you put it across n I like that..... Or maybe it's cause u rant, like me... Kindred spirit
idkanythinggg idkanythinggg Dec 01, 2016
fûck i love you so much dude 😭😍 keeping the smut alive ☺️❤️
zephyr701 zephyr701 Oct 06, 2016
Lol. Wow. Sorry you had to find out the hard way but thank you so much for sharing your experience
RaysofKays RaysofKays Dec 09, 2016
That's not selfish at all, you're doing what you have to do. We write for people to read and if something is obstructing who can read our work and the amount of people or it's availability to all then that's a problem which you try to find a solution to, which you did.
BEAUT1FULdreamer BEAUT1FULdreamer Oct 31, 2016
You are right, it does suck..but I'm with you. I had my book rated mature and, until recently, didn't realize any of this..and it's not fair. Its not dont even think that. I am willing to read from another 'book' for good work.
JumpingToConclusions JumpingToConclusions Nov 17, 2016
I don't understand the whole taboo on mature stories. Sure there are some younger readers here but surely by labelling it mature it gets the point across...