I'm In Love with a demon (Demon Reader x rev Dipper) *BOOK 1*

I'm In Love with a demon (Demon Reader x rev Dipper) *BOOK 1*

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There was a girl named (y/n) Cipher, younger sister of Bill and Will Cipher.

when she found out that Bill sold Will she was very upset, you are more like Will so you act more like him cause Bill never cared for you until he saw your true potential. anyway, she decided to run away from home (you live with Bill in the dreamscape) and search out for her dearest brother, that's when she met rev Dipper.

what will happen? find out.

    They think I like sports!
                                  That's funny, I like videogames and YouTube! :')
    Bill, Will, and all their relatives that are males r pervs wut u expect?
    Yas, I remember I used to stick thumbtacks under my skin and weird my friends out 😂
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    I love pain!!! I use to play the knife game, but my friend kept telling me off
    I love pain too! I actually do weird stuff just to hurt myself!
    I don't have a brother but I have a twin sister who hates my boyfriend, yay!