Remember me | Tanner Braungardt |

Remember me | Tanner Braungardt |

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Emma Lee By Wayypastmybedtime__ Updated Nov 25

"Tanner Braungardt, the boy who flips." I rolled my eyes at Emily's description. 

"Wow I can envision him now." I laughed. Emily lightly pushed on my back. "Okay, okay. I'm going." She grinned wildly as I rounded the corner into the trampoline park. 

I often practiced here for gymnastics. My tumbling skills weren't the best, so no-one really paid much attention to me. (Which I was great full for) Everyone watched a boy toward the front of the building. He was there often, but I never talked to him. I often watched him flip, and occasionally I'd catch him glancing over at me. 

Emily nudged me some more. "Calm down, I'm going!" I said as I turned to look at her, I was still walking forward and not paying attention. I thought I ran into a wall when I realized walls don't wear shirts

I turned to look who I'd run into. Perfect. The boy who does flips. 

UNEDITED, so yes there are a lot of mistakes... ALOT. Constructive criticism is 100% fine with me!

Thank you so much for reading! 

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