The Vampire King and His Kitten (boyxboy)

The Vampire King and His Kitten (boyxboy)

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(Book 1)

Kai Jamison is a small catshifter who was abused by his father. After managing to escape he lives on the streets before he is rescued and meets Thaddeus. 

Thaddeus Night is the King of the Vampires and has been waiting for his mate for thousands of years. Imagine his surprise when he meets a certain catshifter, that just so happens to be his beloved (mate), at a party. 

With demons from the past trying to get them will they make it through to the end, or will disaster strike and steal away their happily ever after?

ichooseyoupikachu9 ichooseyoupikachu9 Nov 16, 2016
I'm not really a cat person but this kitten is soooooooo cuuuttteee!
wolfmate1 wolfmate1 Oct 23, 2016
I love this book already and I haven't even started to read it yet but u had me hook my the description of your story
Hadesworld Hadesworld Nov 15, 2016
Um, but if we turned off our electronics then we couldn't read this...
                              Hahaha!!! Lol!! I love to joke!!! 😂😂 still be uncomfortable with a stranger seeing me naked
Slow down man. You've known her for what?  An hour? Hour and a half?
robinhartley771 robinhartley771 Dec 01, 2016
So very very sweet. 
                              How could his loving Father. Turn so evil. 
                              Shame a very grave shame.