Rival Mates!

Rival Mates!

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Geek 73 By EmmaDMDC13 Completed

"No I will not allow you to go to their pack, we forbid it. I don't care if he is your mate".   "B-But" I try to argue
 "No buts, I forbid you from ever seeing him"

Alex is a 17 year old girl who is a part of the Pure Blood pack, her dad is the Alpha and has always protected her from the rival pack, or the Dark Moon pack. But what happens when she accidentally wanders off without permission and finds her mate?

Started: August 19th 2016

Completed: January 10th 2017

  • alpha
  • comedy
  • death
  • mate
  • possesive
  • protective
  • romance
  • werewolf
I think Alex will "steel" his heart.
                              See what I did there? No?okay.
dogmecat dogmecat Jul 07, 2017
Yah. I am the one who's like; I hate everyone but my friends.
Teagan_Jayde Teagan_Jayde Aug 15, 2017
Most if my friends are like that yet I'm the only one with a boyfriend
                              WITHOUT WARNING!!!!!SO IRISPONSIBLE!!!!
SINGLEsince2004 SINGLEsince2004 5 days ago
I'm that friend to a minimum. I like to get dates for my friends only
Julez_Playez0306 Julez_Playez0306 4 days ago
Omfg not this again, no offence plz no hate I just find these kind of things rlly annoying and irritating, just forking say ur pretty, it not that hard!