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Legend Maknae (BTS Jungkook FF)

Legend Maknae (BTS Jungkook FF)

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K.SJ, M.YG, J.HS, K.NJ, P.JM, K.TH, J.JK By Bangtan_Miku Completed

After high school Zara became a idol at BIGHIT Entertainment.Zara is Maknae of her girl group..YOUNG EMPIRE. Her group is one of the biggest girl groups in K-pop. And she are known as the Legend Maknae.
One day, Zara go to a highschool reunion.......and Zara meets BTS's Jungkook, since they both went to the same high school. Zara and Jungkook use to talk to each other for proejcts, or just hang out after school and stuff but nothing more. Or thats what Zara thought.......
Will you Jungkook remember her? Will Zara fall inlove? Or will someone from the past break the two apart?

(I don't own BTS, BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT does) (I do own the girl group in  this FF as well as their members)

I'm confused.. some say unnie and others say eonnie..which is it?
True they got an jamless guy with abs that are as bright as Hobi, an alien of adorableness, and a golden maknae.
ZheCoolMe ZheCoolMe Mar 12
To whoever read this comment...
                              I dare you to say Min-ji 10× fast...
                              Sorry i was bored :P...
Wasnt 4Minute a hip-hop group? Dang it whyd i bring that up, im crying now
PapaGwangju PapaGwangju Apr 21
                              -all kill
                              -TOO SEXY
                              -mental institution because of theories
                              -not boring
                              -NOTE WORTHY
                              There's too many words to describe them.
WOW SHE IS THE FEMALR GOLDEN MAKNAE (sorry but is it even possible to beat Jungkook?)