Monstrous Love [Shizaya (Sequel to Psychopathic Love)]

Monstrous Love [Shizaya (Sequel to Psychopathic Love)]

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Mastel_The_Bomb By xXSeichanXx Updated Nov 14, 2016

*Sequel to Psychopathic Love*

After everything with Izaya, Shizuo must find other ways to keep himself occupied. He encounters problems from time to time and longs for Izaya once again. 

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own DURARARA!! nor it's characters. I only own the plot of this story. 

*WARNING: This contains BoyxBoy. If you can't handle that for some reason, this is not for you.

MilitaryKrackers34 MilitaryKrackers34 Aug 18, 2016
See! You'd dint disappoint me at all! Ya did great like always 😃