Urban Ink [A Ziall Fic]

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Steve or Anon or whatever By Anonymous43 Completed
Niall hates his neighbor, Zayn Malik. He's covered in tattoos, smokes more than anyone Niall knows, and spends all of his time at the local tattoo parlor called Urban Ink. They spend most of their time yelling at each other, until Niall gets dragged into Urban Ink through an unfortunate series of events that may change Niall's heart forever.
    Or, the one where Niall slowly falls for Zayn and Zayn has secretly loved Niall since the beginning, but it's not easy or smooth sailing at all.
Niam is cute but I'm here for the hardcore Ziall-!!“ψ(`∇´)ψ“ψ(`∇´)ψ
Wow.... Nialler's pretty tough with his words, huh? Me likey.
You won't be calling a "small dick" once he's done splitting you in half, Nialler-! ;)
UNNNFFFF- One of the SEXIEST BEASTS to ever exist on this fûcking Earth-! (´ε`*)
Laughing so hard that I'm getting weird looks from my family
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If We kill you you want be able to make more ziall stories duhh