A Run On The Wild Side

A Run On The Wild Side

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"We are all broken, that's how the light gets in" - Ernest Hemingway

Living in a family that consisted of two females and six males was never easy for seventeen year old, Noah Banks.  But ever since her mother, the only other female in the Banks household, died in a car crash, it was so much harder. 

After three years, Noah finally got fed up with her brothers' overprotective and irrelevant rules and decided to get even with them.  

And what better way to do that than to date the one boy her brothers forbid her to have anything to do with?  It was bad enough that Alex Hunter was a hottie, but add the slight hostility, intriguing distance with nearly everyone at school and the obvious hatred between him and her brothers, and Noah just couldn't seem to get enough of him.

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Sydneyyy_Lynn Sydneyyy_Lynn Apr 01, 2017
lowkey Jeremy and her relation ship reminds me of me and my 17 year old brother Connors Relationship ( hes the youngest brother)
I love that show, I literally just finished watching all the seasons on it on Netflix. 😀
Sydneyyy_Lynn Sydneyyy_Lynn Apr 01, 2017
we both have 5 brothers yes im not the only person even if the other one is in a book
Aralliyah Aralliyah Oct 23, 2013
Nice. Reminds me a bit of Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy:) There a few thins you can fix but the post before mine kind of said it all ... But great start, can't wait for the next chapter ")
shutupandlisten shutupandlisten Sep 26, 2013
Thank you so much!:D glad you like it, the next chapter should be up either tonight or tomorrow!x
shutupandlisten shutupandlisten Sep 24, 2013
@annesophieL Well there's Noah and Jonah (like you said) but Nate and Nick are twins as well! They're younger than Noah and Jonah. Jeremy and Sean (you haven't met him yet though) aren't twins — Sean's older :) Thank you very much! It really means a lot :D