The Angel of Death > Suicide Squad

The Angel of Death > Suicide Squad

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"You know I've never met an angel before" 

"You still haven't" 

I don't own SS, wish I did

- - Dec 19, 2016
My supernatural life took over and I thought it said Azazel...
TOP4ML TOP4ML Sep 03, 2016
No offense if you aren't I just wanted to know cause of the verse
Tackjack420 Tackjack420 Jan 03
HEY YOU DONT KNOW THEY COULD HAVE BEEN TERRORISTS IN THE FUTURE and even if they were innocent I would still kill em :D
crb2424 crb2424 Aug 28, 2016
I thought it was so cool whenever she would whisper Enchantress. I don't know why but I always thought it was so awesome and it's like one of my favorite things.
Thefandomtrashcan321 Thefandomtrashcan321 Dec 21, 2016
When u say Azreal out loud it sounds like asriel from undertale
crb2424 crb2424 Aug 28, 2016
Whenever someone says "ivory towers" it makes me think of what Egsy said in the bar in Kingsman.