Clover [H.S]

Clover [H.S]

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Hazzababe1D By harrys-dimples-1d Updated Aug 07

Harry styles; 33 years old, looking for his precious little girl to call his.

Clover anne; 16 years old and is looking for the perfect daddy and to be his princess. 

!age gap¡ 
!Sexual content¡

(Chapter 10 might be locked or whatever so in order to read it, you will have to delete the book, follow me then get the book again:))

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dajaDR dajaDR Jun 07
As soon as I sent the picture I literally cackled like a witch, he looks like a 40 year old creeper, but in a hot way 😂😂😂
Omg guys!!! Harry is 33 here and the room is 32 so if you take the 1 from Clovers age which is 16 then add the 1 to the 32 you get Harry's age 32. Then that leaves us with 6  from the 16. So I'm going to guess 6 more chaps till something cool or crazy happens. Watch I know I'm right 😉
Unless she was a prodigy or something I'm pretty sure she would still be in high school if she's 16 . Just saying ....😐