Bitten by the I N C U B U S   K I N G [18+]

Bitten by the I N C U B U S K I N G [18+]

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CariA dEy By GoldenQueer Updated Sep 19, 2018

That moment you realize your life is in the hands of a 1000 year old ,immature , insane , disturbingly torturous, unbelievably gorgeous , possessive ,sex  obsessed,Arrogant, all time evil, Demon king....

Well thats the moment that Harper Wright has been having lately . Years after her Mom disappeared, Harper Couldn't help but notice strange things happening throughout her life  , for instance she wouldn't call making a cake explode on a bully at their birthday party normal. Or even how that mysterious man that gave her candy burst into flames with a loud scream before her eyes .  Oh and maybe how such a Man/Creature  that is considered walking sex,plans on breaking her very spirit until she agrees to be his...

"Get.out." Each word was laced with venom. He made an incredulous look,which already let me know he was going to do the exact opposite. " Make me " was all he simply said. I glared and moved to push him off -except I couldn't, I didn't want to.
It felt as if my mind was saying no and my body was saying yes. He looked behind himself and back at me expectedly " l'm waiting" he sang. What the hell was wrong with me?

My hand burned and that sweet sensation that once sat in my stomach for him,was slowly creeping its way back. "You're finally feeling it aren't you?" He scoffed. " what did you do to me-" I whimpered. I was hot, so uncomfortably hot and god did he suddenly seem like a tall glass of water. I squirmed, trying to will this feeling away. 

I breathed " what is this!?" 

" you see this beautiful little mark right here?" He rose my hand to his lips, brushing them  against it. My body had an instant reaction to this, I jerked from the sensitivity. " this is your life sentence".


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