All's Fair (Lauren/You)

All's Fair (Lauren/You)

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Y/N Y/LN was the star basketball player out of Miami High. Her life at home was completely different from her life at school. Only she knows what happens behind closed doors. Y/N struggles through the last few years of high school, trying to learn the difference between a friendly high five and the deadly act of abuse she receives. 

Lauren Jauregui was one of the most popular girls out of Miami High. She's got it all. The good grades, the good looks, the good family life, the people fawning over her. Y/N has caught her eye since day one, but will what she finds out eventually break her heart?




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smct14 smct14 Jun 24
Can someone just let me know when Lauren and y/n get together pls beacuse I'm not arsed to read through all the chapters of them fighting
hxchtq hxchtq May 21
i just had a mental breakdown that lasted for three hours because of school and my friends but thats nothing compared to drama in 5h fandom books ami rite
Damn... fifth offence in the first day of school? 😂😂😂
The song? The song 👏(it's the only song I actually like from them 🙈🙊)
IM ACTING LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER FANFIC VERSIONS OF LAUREN RN. Like Jesus we all know Lauren can be a bad ass but she ain't really like...*cough* you know