A Fishy Romance (Septiplier)

A Fishy Romance (Septiplier)

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Pooptarts, teehee By Danti_Lover Updated 14 hours ago

On the coast and island of Ireland, Jack is a merman prince who loves to swim every day. But a sailor man, by the name of Mark, has stolen his heart. But he's a fish and Mark's a mortal man. Can he become a human before Mark leaves or will other things get Mark before Jack does in the ocean of blue? 

Mark is visiting the island of Ireland to get money off of fishing with his friends and crew, trying to get big ones. One day, early morning, he sees a man washed ashore who was beautiful and too weak from an accident he says.

Warning there is extreme violence and use of gore, bits of it. There are also horror in this as well

Hey if you want I can a tempt to make a cover for you but don't get your hopes raised for example cover I made the one for my book secret
Oh hell no my brother is no fûcking king he can't even keep a cactus alive for a week
Just keep swimming just keep swimming dadadaadaaaada why did I think of this....
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I actually freaking love that song. Also, got it right. Angler fish
                               here now im thinking of nemo but now whats his father gonna think
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