The Soulmate Theory (Phan AU)

The Soulmate Theory (Phan AU)

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Phil was angry at everything. He was angry at the drunk diver who killed his mum, he was angry at his dad for moving Phil and his brother to Florida, he was angry at the brokenness of his family.

After his mum had died, Phil had cut himself off from everyone, vowing that he would never fall in love to let anyone in again, for fear of being hurt. He had walls up that he would never let down.

That is, until he met Dan. The boy that would break down every wall, the one that would show him that he could let people in. The one who showed Phil that love is worth the risk.

~The cover was made by the AMAZING @tissuesforissues ~

Mentions of suicide, car accidents, and alcohol

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shinyflame shinyflame Aug 12
Greece is the same trust me
                              Beautiful for holidays, a nightmare to live
I've read this before and it is my FAVORITE THING EVER it's really sad though I cri evrytiem
Whenever I look at maps of America Florida always looks like a penis to me idk
FudgyChan FudgyChan Sep 19
phil its fricking florida dont wear that outfit you will die
whiskrs whiskrs Jul 07
i live in florida (yo!) and it's way too hot for me, i hate it sm