Forever Ruined

Forever Ruined

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Benjamin McAllister's past was riddled with intrigue, war and death. It was no place for a woman, such comforts as marriage, family and love were not meant to be his but one woman changed all of that for him. 
Clara Bentley had won Benjamin McAllister's heart but the prize had come at a price. He loved her, he married her but he could not be by her side. His responsibilities to King and Crown were too great, leaving her often alone.
After her brother's wedding, and the events that took place (see From the Ashes) Clara was forever changed. Benjamin tried so hard to keep her from his world but it would seem that world found them.
Things have turned from bad to worse, as Benjamin is needed once more to serve both King and Crown, leaving Clara alone and on her own. She left him once hoping he would follow. Hoping to get his attention. Now she's leaving for a completely different reason. 
Will they find their way back to one another, or will they both remain... 
Forever Ruined.  
(This story is made to stand alone, however to get an idea of where it all started feel free to read FROM THE ASHES, to learn more about their tale.)
Highest Rank #56 On Historical Fiction Hot List - July 8, 2017. 

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AmbergrisJane AmbergrisJane Jul 06, 2017
I like Clara very much... Just out of her dress and already in a bar fight.😁 
                              What a great first chapter, very exciting! 😊😊
AmbergrisJane AmbergrisJane Jul 06, 2017
Now I want those questions answered too. Great start Ms Rue. 😊
FrankMueller1313 FrankMueller1313 Aug 24, 2016
love it ,love it,love it .you get better with every book >story< you right !what a grate first chapter!
crisalisa crisalisa Aug 20, 2016
I like the the book cover it's very nice I'm sure it will be a great story you're great. 😊
Nablai Nablai Aug 20, 2016
Welcome back.. :) was waiting to read Clara's n Ben's story..
FrankMueller1313 FrankMueller1313 Aug 23, 2016
good read, a grate prologue. I feel as tho I already  know them throw your book < FROM THE ASHES >