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Gemini's Graphics Shop | CLOSED

Gemini's Graphics Shop | CLOSED

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Hafsah Ahmed By geminigraphics Updated 4 days ago


A request book for graphics, in other words, book covers, banners, icons, headers, gif character cards, picspams, book jackets and album covers.

Enjoy skimming through!

Title: The Bloody Birthday
                              Author: xhuzaifaahmad
                              Genre: Thriller.
                              Subtitle: Nasty Impulse
                              Ideas: A guy (bald ) holding a gun. Or a dead man lying on grass.
                              Or one very simple theme.
                              A Birthday cake with blood on it or coming out of it.
Heyy I was wondering is the background for your icon on ur profile page a header or banner?
May I request 6 for this?
                              Charecters and actors-
                              Yang Yang as Lee Hung
                              Ian Somerhalder as Eden Tennyson
                              Nina dobrev as Jasmin
                              David Anders as John
                              Danielle Panabaker as Naina
                              Bianca Bai as Mai
_Grayson23_ _Grayson23_ Jan 13
Is the shop open? Also: my cover is not lgbt but my book is and it's teen fiction, do you do teen fiction covers?
@geminigraphics  i feel really pity for you. I mean it clearly says that you are closed yet people keep requesting. I feel your pain. I do. Sigh...
                              Text: Kittygirl486
                              Images: Ragdoll breed cats. Lights/cameras/action 
                              Colour Scheme: Pink, purple, blue
                              Text: Kittygirl486
                              Image: Something writing/cats/acting related (I don't mind which)
                              Colour Scheme: Pink, purple, blue