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Paper Jam's DayCare Roleplay

Paper Jam's DayCare Roleplay

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Potatoes 🍟 By PotatoTaunise Updated Oct 10, 2016

This is where adult Paper Jam, takes care of other kid Sanses and you! Unless you want to be a DayCare worker!

Full name: Illya Goldsmith 
                              Age: 4
                              Likes: Find out!
                              Dislikes: Mystery!!
                              Personality: You determine that!!!
                              Crush: Ask!!!!
                              Soul: Maroon/Acid- Confidence and pain
Curious, creative, shy at first, very quiet at first, trouble with emotions, fidgety, patient, a bit sassy, slight mental problems, a bit nerdy, a little lazy, really hyper on candy or caffeinated drinks, smart aleck, hard to crack through
Looks:Cat jacket white shirt jean shorts purple sneakers hair is profile pic but in a fishtail braid
Small dogs(scary!), yellow small flowers(also scary!), being touched, her eyes, bullies, mayo, raw apples, oranges, snow, milk, stressful situations, her friends hurt, knives, the combination of pink white and brown, brown, pink, crowds, bad erasers, closets, being alone or lost
irishfangirl223 irishfangirl223 5 days ago
Name: Ava Smith
                              Age: 4
                              Looks: has black hair, Black shirt, blue hoodie, Blue jeans
                              Likes: anything Horror, Pranks
                              Dislikes: people being mean
                              Personality: prankster, Nice
                              Crush: kinder horror Sans
                              Soul: Green-kindness
                              Other: is a demon but everyone thinks she's a human
Full name: Lizzie Luna Blackwood
                              Age: 21 
                              Kid/worker: worker
                              Looks: galaxy hair, galaxy eyes, denim jacket, black shirt, jeans, red boots, and black headband
                              Likes: cookies, video games, music, and art
                              Dislikes: hugs, writing, and work
                              Personality: nice, weird, smart, and funny
                              Crush: none