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⟪Save Me⟫ → (Hikaru X Reader X Kaoru)

⟪Save Me⟫ → (Hikaru X Reader X Kaoru)

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♡-Starshine By Starlit_Twilight Updated 2 days ago

15 year old F/N L/N, Ouran's newest scholarship student, has been the talk of Ouran's since the day you had arrived. Your luscious H/L H/C hair was gorgeous and your E/C orbs caught the attention of anyone you met.
              You were a lowly commoner with the looks of the rich students of Ouran. 
              But there was a cost to all of these great gifts bestowed upon you. You were abused secretly at home by your mother, who always called you a disgrace to make up on the fact that your father left her. Every night was when you gathered new bruises and scars on your back. Every night you had something new imprinted on you, sometimes a permanent scar or a bruise that would fade in a week. Every night was a night full of pain.
              When a certain pair of twins notice a burn in the shape of the devil's horns on your neck, they decide to take action and investigate further, learning more and more secrets about you and your mysterious life.
              Will they shun you out once they realize the truth? Or will it lead to a blooming friendship (and maybe more)?
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PhoenixRogers PhoenixRogers 4 days ago
That is totally me cause I wouldn't fight my mom if she did that to me I would just clean the mess up😃 and take the abuse.
I dont cry because I gave up a long time ago. Why cry for help if it never arrives? And a monster? Why thank you, atleast I'm alive and don't hurt those who love you no matter what.
Killer-Destiny Killer-Destiny 3 days ago
I'm an accident I get it condom and birth control were involved but I'm still here! So sorry! I didn't ask for this Bitch!
I'm in this world because my parents ended up in a room, alone together, with a bed, and no protection. You can pretty much piece together the rest
Bitch keep hitting (Y/N), soon you're gonna be cleaning up her blood XD
My mom and my sperm donar bought me into this wretched world