Secrete she-wolf

Secrete she-wolf

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L.E.T By uniquegirl2002 Completed

Yeah I'm writing another werewolf book. Here is goes.....

I was dumped into the system ever since i was 13. This is my story, how I found there were others like me. How I found out about a world that I couldn't even understand. 

I was a troublemaker still am but when fate throws a load of stuff on you plate, you wanna crash and burn. I have been all over. Yet nothing could have prepared me for the events to come.

Oh I'm a werewolf that didn't know anything...... 

About packs

About loyalty 

About friendship

About family

Most importantly about MATES.

LIN!!!!! That's even how you spell my Damn name!!!! That's my name!!!!
Omg lol I thought at first it was the author introducing herself and I was like what.... lmao
Okay I am loving this story so far but it needs to be edited it's kinda distracting and breaks the flow of the story