Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out

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PalacePlease By PalacePlease Completed

Sequel to Listen To Me. 

Now that Camila has returned from Paradise, will things work out with her and Tawny? Will Camila try to get Y/n back or will she just leave her hanging on forever? 

"Y/n? Listen, I know I didn't show but just hear me out." 

Y/n shakes her head and sighs, "There's no point Camila, I already know what you  are going to say. And frankly, I'm done with the yo-yo shit." 

"Y/N! WAIT!" Camila calls. 

"I did." And with that I walked away.

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NahYeonese NahYeonese Oct 15, 2017
Tf ok then stay with you're 'sweetheart'
                              Better not come back to me tho.
CGLouise CGLouise Jul 31, 2017
*knocks on Camila's door*
                              *door swung open*
                              Me:This yours? *holding bag*
                              *she pulled me inside then make out*
                              THE END!!
linda626 linda626 Oct 17, 2017
Omg just like camren before they audition for the X factor 😭😩
End-Zone End-Zone Aug 10, 2017
And I swear to the heavens above if I forgive this girl and she breaks my heart again Ima need Jesus to hold me back