The Perfect Mistake

The Perfect Mistake

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☆《 Melody 》☆ By pab0panda Updated Oct 14, 2016

[Jongkey / 2Min] 
A millionaire's son is not supposed to marry a gang leader. A gang leader's son is not supposed to marry a minister's son. That's the way the cookie, right? Bad is to be forced into marriage. Worse is to marry the wrong man. Worst is to fall in love with that wrong husband.

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[AN] Even though this is a Shinee Fanfiction, you'll still understand everything without being in the Fandom. 

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Editor: RunningTally [Special Thanks to her.]

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LunaMcVay LunaMcVay Aug 27, 2017
Your role for Onew already sounds so hilarious and so much like him 😂😂  He's awesome!!
Lex2Liu Lex2Liu Dec 05, 2017
This story is turned upside down... but I LOVE IT! So awesome!
LunaMcVay LunaMcVay Aug 27, 2017
My ultimate bias... I don't even know what there's left to say.. 😍
Kibaelle Kibaelle Aug 27, 2017
Lolz great imagination there,  feel like someone wrote the type of complex stuffs in my head
taymlovethevamps taymlovethevamps Mar 17, 2017
onew is supposed to be my ultimate bais , but why do i like this?
Kibaelle Kibaelle Aug 27, 2017
Ohhhhhhh now I get the flow  😕😢 pretty messed 👆story hun