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one last chance

one last chance

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kristine421k By kristine421k Updated Jan 10, 2013

dorky buffy spike fan fiction. Buffy is still trying to find her place two years after Sunnydale. Spike, finished in L.A. comes to find her. A romantic fan fiction giving two charaters the end that they deserve along with a few surprises they might not.

samshif samshif Jan 02, 2016
Don't feel bad me and my cousin stayed up for 3 days start watching it and finished it in 2 weeks
PurpleVioletta PurpleVioletta Jun 13, 2015
Its very good hope you read my Buffy Spike story called  Angelus Buffy bot
Shelbylee2001 Shelbylee2001 Jan 19, 2015
its brilliant and I've seen all seasons of buffy five times in a yes and having another marathon this month I am on season five disk two
mars1999 mars1999 Feb 15, 2013
OMG someone finally understands me!!!! I basicaly jumping up and down around the house right now! Thanks!!!
NeonZombie7 NeonZombie7 Jan 24, 2013
Oh my goodness, you are a GENIUS! I absolutely LOOOOOOVE this! I just finished Buffy, and totally wanted the happy ending thing, and then I find this story! Ah!!! I love it so much! You're just amazing, and the watcher-slayer idea is awesome too!:) xx
Atti1397 Atti1397 Jul 22, 2012
I have t say it took my longer to watch the entire series of Buffy and I REALLY love spike. It took e a longer time to watch Angel because i was so angry at all the sad stuff happening i quit watching the show for a while. Im really liking this book so far. :D keep writing