A Will Without A Way

A Will Without A Way

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Flower Boye By JustSomeEmoKid Completed

Hi this is currently, as of December 10, 2017, discontinued. The plot sucks, my writing here is just overall bad, this definitely isn't my favourite fic. Read at your own risk, um... yeah. 

I'm putting this as "completed". If I ever find the motivation to fix this or update, I will add another chapter, but I'm probably not going to. I'm not deleting this because so many people have read it and enjoyed it, but I don't so I'm not going to work on it anymore. 

Ry out. Peace✌🏻

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JustSomeEmoKid JustSomeEmoKid Jun 25, 2017
I should probably go back and edit this but I'm too lazy loloololololol
xXxSweeney_ToddxXx xXxSweeney_ToddxXx Jan 15, 2017
I read this in one of my old accs and now I literally just screeched "tHIS IS WHO WROTE THIS OHMYFUCKINGGOD I LOVED THIS AKSHSNSHSJ THIS IS BY MY HUSBAND AKSIWKSAOAH"
noitsironic noitsironic Oct 05, 2016
Gerard looks like a mix between James Maslow and Billie Joe Armstrong 
                              Also that goddamn title Geezuz
Wooshiewoo_Is_Cool Wooshiewoo_Is_Cool Dec 17, 2016
The title for some reason reminds me of the Fresh Prince of Bel-air theme song
lunaozzie lunaozzie Oct 17, 2016
Now just sit and take minute right here
                              I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel Air
noitsironic noitsironic Oct 05, 2016
Does anyone ever brush their teeth or put on deodorant in these fics