Dark Possession

Dark Possession

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Eva By angelcxx Updated Jan 27

The moment Valentino Moretti saw Ava Winters, she was his. 

Everywhere she went, he followed. 

He always looked out for her and protected her from the darkness and evil that lurked around them. 

He kept her safe. He was her guardian angel. 

And she was his sweet little Kitten.

when I was 6 I just learned how to tie my shoelaces I thought I was so smart
I really appreciate you taking a stand for the ones who are being bullied. That means a lot to me, and I'm sure it means a lot to others too. I think I'm going to like you, as an author and a as a natural human being in all😘
                              Bitch im done m i can't take you seriously when your last names peppercorn 🖕🏼🖕🏼😂😂😂
kj12727 kj12727 Jan 04
You know, my school doesn't have showers in the locker rooms.
hay_live hay_live Jan 24
I love how this six year old knows what mocha is. When I was six all i new was the alphabet and I thought I was soooooo smart 😂😂🤓
BBonica BBonica Dec 15, 2016
I was like this when I was a kid! Lol my dad gave me the nnickname "dada" and I would lose it if anyone but him called me that.