Dark Possession

Dark Possession

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Eva By angelcxx Updated a day ago

The moment Valentino Moretti saw Ava Winters, she was his. 

Everywhere she went, he followed. 

He always looked out for her and protected her from the darkness and evil that lurked around them. 

He kept her safe. He was her guardian angel. 

And she was his sweet little Kitten.

All of those times I got the spelling test wrong I spelled color right when I was 5 dand
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Lmao only you can call me that tho 😂nobody else or they gonna get punched
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Not all blonde gurls are bimbo or airhead just like...!! F@ck off with that cliche sh!t
I had a friend like this when I was in pre-school. She said only I was allowed to call her Tash.
I have nicknames from both my mom & dad but only my parents & my aunt are allowed to use them. ❣️
What do you mean "wasn't even that hard"?! I CAN BARELY READ IT! Omigod... am I dumb?! DOES EVERYONE KNOW HOW TO SPELL THIS DAMNED WORD?!
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