Diary of a bad housewife

Diary of a bad housewife

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kayla bryan By cherrytops Updated Jul 02, 2012

To save her marriage, pampered and spoilt Julia enters Hillis Academy, a marital correctional institute where clothing is a privilege earned and misbehavior brings punishment.
Throughout her life, Julia has been treated as a princess, spoiled by well-off, controlling parents. They granted her slightest wish, whether it was cars, clothing, or a catamaran on the Côte d’Azur. Now a suburban housewife with two children, a mortgage, and a hardworking husband, life isn’t going as planned.

Julia is still spoiled, still selfish, and still dreaming, but instead of a romantic life of leisure, she’s reduced to reading about romance, errant knights, and even sex, while ignoring her real-world problems: her marriage is adrift, her husband is alienated, her children are growing apart, her parents demand she divorce, and Julia wants escape.

Beset with dead end decisions, Julia accepts an ultimatum from her husband: a three week marriage retreat. What she doesn’t realize is their escape is to a remote castle in the British Isles, where sex education is by surrogate, discipline is paramount, and clothing is at the whim of her instructors.

Julia finds herself cast in the adventure of her life, thrust into exploring the depths of her heart, the mysteries of sex, and ultimately an intrigue that threatens everything she holds dear.

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SofaKingHaley SofaKingHaley Jan 27, 2012
Reading the tags for your story made me giggle like a twelve year old who just heard someone say "boob" lol 
                              But in all seriousness I like the story :))))