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Ashe By Ashe_AL Updated May 20, 2015

As the Roman Empire descends into chaos and horrible emperors, the Praetorian guards use their power to rule the empire indirectly; by controlling the emperors like puppets on a string.

What were once created to protect, are now the bane to their existence. 

The punishment to defying the guards is not only death, but death in the worst form.


In love with this power-hungry craze, many young Roman citizens decide to choose this as their path of life. 

However, the Praetorians are only chosen by birthright.

Nevertheless, Julius Tiberius Kaeso will do anything to become the Head Praetorian. 


But there is another who matches his ambitions. 

Octavius Brutus Cato. As wise as Minevra, as lethal as Mars. 

A mysterious Roman with godlike powers is the only rival Julius has to the position of Head Guard.

Broken friendships, broken hearts, and broken bones. 

Welcome to a tale of ambition, treachery, and maybe even love...

In a situation where you just can not afford to loose.

Because this time your broken dream, equals your death.

Are any of the sacrifices worth the pain of becoming Praetorian?

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