BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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악셀 :3 By hobiyuuki Updated Feb 22

Here's a bunch of my BTS imagines if you want to read. 


"Beautiful cover by @hoseokkies."

P.S.: No more request. :))

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That's what my 13 y.o. sister narrates every time a boy in her class makes eye contact with her. Gosh, kids these days
Omg honestly is this what kids nowadays think when a guy literally just STARES at them? What are you? 9? Jees
JJ_Suki JJ_Suki Apr 23
that moment when you are currently liking someone for over 2 years still knowig they don't like you back but you still are head over heels for them..........yup.
catis_bae_ catis_bae_ Sep 16
Does that mean her dad is Namjoon cause he's stuck within all the jams he confiscated off of jimin
sugaest sugaest Apr 19
Glad your crush talked to you. What about meh? I would just stare at him like a blank stare ㅋㅋㅋ
How does it feels lile being a librarian?? im curious hmmm.....