BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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hmwrk vibes >_> By alwayshobi Updated Feb 22

Here's a bunch of my BTS imagines if you want to read. 


"Beautiful cover by @hoseokkies."

P.S.: No more request. :))

That's what my 13 y.o. sister narrates every time a boy in her class makes eye contact with her. Gosh, kids these days
Omg honestly is this what kids nowadays think when a guy literally just STARES at them? What are you? 9? Jees
JJ_Suki JJ_Suki Apr 23
that moment when you are currently liking someone for over 2 years still knowig they don't like you back but you still are head over heels for them..........yup.
sugaest sugaest Apr 19
Glad your crush talked to you. What about meh? I would just stare at him like a blank stare ㅋㅋㅋ
suganities suganities May 23
How does it feels lile being a librarian?? im curious hmmm.....
ai_joonie ai_joonie Jun 29
Ok..i will change my name to agnes😂😂.
                              "Ok friendss call me agnes"📣📣📣😆