Sacrifices must be made for the Volturi

Sacrifices must be made for the Volturi

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Secretly a vampire By vampireowl Completed

hey hope you all like this please comment on any tiny detail.

all the charecters belong to STEPHENIE MEYER - the most amazing writer in the world :D



Chapter 1       Forks

"Bella," Alice and I gasped at the same time. I had been looking at Alice's thoughts as she saw the vision of Bella jumping off a cliff, and now it had thrown us both into a kind of frenzy.

"Oh god no" I hissed as we flitted up the stairs for our bags, money and passports. We hurried to make sure we had everything and that the note we left for Carlisle was expectable. We didn't tell him we were heading back to Forks, Edward had warned Alice not to look into Bella's future. He had said 'It's better for her to get along with her life, as if we had never been init'. Ahhhhhh Edward was such a hypocrite. We took Carlisle's car and Alice and I were both on red alert, we couldn't let anyone else know what Alice had seen, if word got to Edward before we had time to see if Bella was alive or not he was sure to do som...

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