Alaric's Poison

Alaric's Poison

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Marina By caeruleuss Updated Oct 23

❝Too bad love, you're stuck with me. Not for a few decades, not for centuries - you're tied to me forever." lowering his head to mine, his breath caressing my ear as he whispered "I don't own you, you belong to me, you're my poison.❞ 

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•First published: August 18th, 2016

I love it! But did you delete Chasing Sunshine? Its not showing up anywhere :(
MayisGone MayisGone Nov 30
I thought it was team jacob not team edward. How DARE YOU DAd?!!?!?!?!? #TEAMJACOBFUREVER #ISTILLTHINKTWILIGHTSUCKS
r1nger97 r1nger97 Nov 11
I would be like "excuse you?"  Who the hell you think you are talking to?
molleygrace molleygrace Oct 23
Same, I wish this was a real person I could've had a new friend
Zenox_ Zenox_ Sep 29
Sadly, you can't even go past the gates at the actual White House..
This is such a good book idk y it's not RLLY POPULAR (it is in my world) 💕💞💖💓