Alaric's Poison

Alaric's Poison

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Marina By caeruleuss Updated Oct 23, 2016

❝Too bad love, you're stuck with me. Not for a few decades, not for centuries - you're tied to me forever." lowering his head to mine, his breath caressing my ear as he whispered "I don't own you, you belong to me, you're my poison.❞ 

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•First published: August 18th, 2016

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That's exactly like me. People think of me as the extrovert type but I like to be alone most of the time.
Wait, so books where the first paragraph isn’t the main character waking up exist? I’ve just discovered originality and I don’t know how I feel😂💕
That's sounds terrible to brace face like me, your supposed to brush carefully in circular motions. How can you not care when your mouth is freaking bleeding. I would never do that because I have thin gums, so if I brushed  that harshly I would like brush my gums away.
That was by far the best trailer I've seen in my life. All jokes and sarcasm aside.
MayisGone MayisGone Nov 30, 2016
I thought it was team jacob not team edward. How DARE YOU DAd?!!?!?!?!? #TEAMJACOBFUREVER #ISTILLTHINKTWILIGHTSUCKS
*gasp* A protagonist with a seemingly normal life and no dramatic back story???  I am shook