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Sage Chara By GetYourGoat Updated Nov 19

"Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand.
For the world's more full of weeping
Than you can understand."
- William Butler Yeats

Hello human. Yes, I will tell you my tale. Listen and listen well for I will not repeat it twice. During the tale you will hear whispers of love, of friendship, of family and a people bonded. You will also hear screams of terror, of pain, of heartbreak. A roar of the great injustices performed in our world, injustices I...well, you may be the judge of whether I deserved them or not; still, on they came. It is not too late to leave if your poor heart faints for such things.

You're staying? Good. Pay attention.

My name is Treeline. I am a faerie. No, I don't have wings. I don't sparkle. Truly, I would eat you if I were not currently bound.

This is my story.

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[Treeline is a WIP and generally pasted in rather raw and un-edited. Contents likely to change as we go along, constructive criticism welcome. Chapters will be added at least every Tuesday and Friday. Your feedback will be pulled into the editing phase once the first draft is completed!]

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                              Your introduction drew me in. Especially with the description. Not too much purple prose and not too vague. Just the right amount.
                              And the revelation of why the people were actually there was really nice. So original. I didn't expect that.
                              Nice first chapter.
Loved this prologue! It really draws the reader into the story.
                              Quite a gripping introduction; I can see the city quite clearly, thanks to your descriptive language. It seems this story has a dark theme; I like that. It almost feels like a 'house of horrors' Theme, and the fairy is the main attraction. Good Job!
Your blurb is SO good! It hooked me in completely. The way you work your description is just… wow. It is so amazing; I could picture everything.
Ven_Curragh Ven_Curragh 5 days ago
"Along with the weekly supply of bread and potatoes was purchased the weekly supply of cough syrup" doesn't sound right, it sounds more flowing if written ' along with bread and potatoes was cough syrup, also bought weekly.'
                              Wow, what an amazing prologue! Your description was amazing, it was like you were painting the pictures with words. By the end of the chapter, I'm intrigued to know what the faerie's tale is. Amazing job! :)