The Nerdy Best friend | G.D

The Nerdy Best friend | G.D

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"I love you for who you are not for how you look"

He was the popular Grayson Dolan. 
She was the nerdy Madeline Smith.
They have been bestfriends since they were four years old. Will high school drama put an end to their friendship or make them something more?

It's senior year which means drama, lies, college and relationships. Read to find out.

Ok is it sad that this girl is seriously me Im friends with the popular guy and I get hated like she is because of it but I don't wanna die
GrethanDolan4Life GrethanDolan4Life 4 days ago
He should know that when a girl says that they're fine, they really aren't... Smh
Ik two Lukes theres Luke brooks and theres Luke Hemmings which one is it no don't tell me im going with Hemmings
This is the same stuff I'm going through... 
                              I like a boy who is a jock and is popular in the whole freshman class.
                              Has a gf and looks at me like I'm crazy.. 
                              Like some of the stories I read I can really relate to or I'm going through in that moment
Grethan_asf Grethan_asf Nov 10
Ik that this isn't true or is it Idk but my dad you know what it doesn't matter anymore
I'm dad leave my life before I was even born and now he acts like he cares about me when he could've care 13 year ago