My Best Friend's First Love

My Best Friend's First Love

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Adrien Agreste has never been to public school. Supposedly he should be getting his soulmate tattoo, but then, he meets Marinette.

sorry, no heroes.

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My writing style is very similar to yours and I get lovely comments that aren't even focused on my writing style, so you don't have to worry.
michmartins michmartins May 09
Sometimes I forget Nino used to like Mari
                              In my head there is only DJWifi
Eema_Saeed Eema_Saeed May 24
Imagine someone introducing themselves like "I'm your local face"
SophiaDC05 SophiaDC05 Sep 09
Lmao I remember a Taekook fanfic where they always say 'No homo'
katsudont_ katsudont_ Jun 05
For the people confused: he might have known that it meant his soul mate was marinette (idk how but maybe) and at this time nino had a crush on her so he didn't tell adrien idk
Really? I've actually been experiencing with different points of views on my own time and I think I might start using 3rd person pov more often in my future works