My Stupid, Annoying, Possesive, Alpha Mate

My Stupid, Annoying, Possesive, Alpha Mate

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Fall Out Girl By jasminecook123 Updated Mar 08, 2015

Mates are supposed to be soul matches, meant to stay together for the rest of their lives. To protect their mates, love their mates, be with their mates. They are supposed to be pure matches.

So why the hell is my mate Blake Oathford? 

He left for Africa, and left me to die alone in the deepening abyss of old secrets, memories and death.
While I struggle to unlock my past, my future is clouded with war, death and bittersweet heartbreak.
I am the eagle wolf, will fall in life and rise in death.
I wanted my mate to be my future, to be my everything... now he is nothing and I have risen to a power even I cannot understand....
My name is Kerryn Stone, and here is my story.

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Typically_Trish123 Typically_Trish123 May 10, 2017
Ummm... babe? Have you ever written a chapter before? Cause I'm pretty sure they are supposed to have words.....
- - Oct 07, 2017
'PART ONE' thats a good start to the where is the rest?
MrsFreAsh24 MrsFreAsh24 May 10, 2016
I was frowning at first...then I read the first page and brush out laughing😂
Second_Hand_Fandom Second_Hand_Fandom Sep 16, 2014
Here's a wild suggestion, tell me if I'm crazy...
                              How about you call it part one?