Joji X Reader-- Boy Next Door

Joji X Reader-- Boy Next Door

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Ivonne Hernandez By CocoBearGod Completed

You are a normal girl, with a good and amazing past, Well that's what everyone thinks.... You live in an small apartment but with big dreams. The only thing stopping you is the boy next door. He makes too much noise and sometimes it effects you more than it should. But who is this... Boy next door?

You went to Harvard and thought "I will be big!" In the end. You work in a store and your only friend... Is Paper Towns, the book.

The book is completed no more chapters will be made. But look into my second book which continues the story

Come on people let's get this book to 55k!!
Enjoy you wonderful handsome/beautiful unicorn

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Kenny-Dean Kenny-Dean Apr 14
I don't talk to myself I'm not retarded, only a bit of an acoustic child
One time I had a dream of to very tiny baby hippos coming out the mouse hole in the wall
I'd totally wear booty shorts if I wasn't a fat cünt with cuts all over her thighs haha
but ?? we don't even know each other also why would i cry over him pFft shït tbh i would cry over papa franku
i would never wear that no offense :> but considering i'm a guy ya'knowww
o0Kermit0o o0Kermit0o Sep 25
Let me rephrase that:
                              You're sound asleep, just dreaming about money, having a mansion, with lots of peppermint schnapps and 40% vodka when you... to be continued.