A Keeper of My Own ~ An Oliver Wood Fanfiction

A Keeper of My Own ~ An Oliver Wood Fanfiction

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mkroell_9 By mkroell_9 Updated Mar 21, 2017

Oliver Wood was one of the most known quidditch players at Hogwarts. He had a lot of things: Quidditch Captian badge, four amazing best friends; the Weasley twins, Katie Bell, and Michelle Smith, and girls chasing after him left and right. But the one thing he didnt have, that he wanted so terribly bad, was a girl that he had his eye on for two years now. None other than his Quidditch team's chaser, and not to mention, his best friend. Michelle Smith.

Michelle Smith was a caring friend with a big heart and would stand up for what was right.  She had a great life: Four best friends who stood by her through everything; Katie Bell, Fred and George Weasley, and Oliver wood, Parents who loved her more than anything, and an obsession for Quidditch , being the Gryffindor chaser. As always, there was one thing she didn't have that she wanted. No one other than her Quidditch captain and best friend Oliver Wood.

Will they finally get what they're looking for 7th year? Read to find out.

Cover creds to @ellipopcorn !!