Different. (Phoenix Drop High X Reader)~Discontinued~

Different. (Phoenix Drop High X Reader)~Discontinued~

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Panda_Lover By Jay_The_Blurry_Face Updated Jan 06

(F/N) lived a normal life. That is of course before her father remarried after her late mother, and of course it had to be her mother's bestfriend. But the thing that's even weirder is that a short while after her father died, but he died an unimaginable way... he was burned to death. All she wants is to find her father's murder. With her unexpected friends will she find her father's murder?

Find out in different...

Do NOT read if you can't handle strong themes!

~adopted by Ireneworshiper~

Yeah.When he popped back into reality he saw that he was really starring at a tree.
Who...da freak...did...i...bump...into...if its not zane its not today.
I literally just shouted "AAAGGGGHHHAHA" and started pacing for a second.
Dude.... (Or girl) at reminded me of the flash... He was trying to figure out who killed his mom. He he'd a board and everything. Wow...
At least someone thinks I'm pretty
                              Hello darkness my old friend......
Awwww he thinks im pretty~! if only i did.. aLL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR FACES-