Nova: The White Wolf (ON HOLD)

Nova: The White Wolf (ON HOLD)

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Gossip Dreamer :D By B00k_Nerd_1 Updated Sep 06

Nova is part of something bigger than herself. Will she help? Will she fight? Will she love? Or will she run? 

"Answer me rouge!"The gamma yelled. 
"Why the hell should I answer you? Huh? Just give me one good reason! Before you talk, let me! Ok! I admit I am a rouge. I was walking along the free land and I accidentally stumbled into your territory! Ok!? Now when I saw you I admit I bolted. But what you did was stupid and was not 'under your jurisdiction'. I was in the free land territory. You tackled me there which is ILLEGAL, right?! Oh, would you look at that-IT IS!"I said only a little out breath. My face must be red because of all the anger I feel.
"I-uh-I. That was-"The gamma was cut off by the door being opened.
I was hit with the most intoxicating aroma. Strawberry with a hint of vanilla. So ravishing that I could practically taste the scent. 
Athena, my wolf cried out one word I thought I'd never here, 'mate'. 
We looked up and my eyes were connected to his. And he then lunged and snaked his arm around my waist pulling me flush against him. 
"Mine!"He growled. By the sound and aurora I see I could tell he was an alpha. 
But I can't be here or else I'll just put him in danger. He can't be hurt. I need to leave. 
"I-I need to leave!"By the time those words came out my mouth, my wolf was whimpering and my mate held me tighter. 
"You are NEVER leaving, EVER!"

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