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Roses & Lilies (4)

Roses & Lilies (4)

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A. Burr By Fiervence Updated 3 days ago

Why are people still interested? Anyway, if you're new(or have stuck around long enough), here is the fourth book in this catastrophic series! I hope you like dragons, cats, and the occasional human, because that's what this will be about. Stay alight, Firefly!

queenartemis- queenartemis- Aug 18, 2016
There's a lot of Harry Potter references in this ah that's amazing
Moonstorm1 Moonstorm1 Aug 18, 2016
The first thing I noticed was that tis the fourth book and 4th is the fourth word... But I'm too oblivious for the rest. I love that Harry Potter reference necklace! And the hair too
90Lapis90 90Lapis90 Aug 18, 2016
The necklace says Always with the deathly hallows symbol, and the girls earring looks like the snitch
ColorfulCassie ColorfulCassie Aug 18, 2016
4th in this disastrous series?
                              the necklace? I can't really read why it says.
                              And the flowers?
                              These are all just guesses...I'm most definitely wrong
ColoredPrisms ColoredPrisms Aug 18, 2016
Most likely im not going to try but can i just say how damn awesome that human looks its so perfect and the hair and the anatomy and the colors aaa its so beautiful
Wolf_568 Wolf_568 Aug 18, 2016
Um the necklace says Always and the A is something from Harry Potter